Lee Broom
Lee Broom Coquine B5


Coquine fuses together familiar styles to create a classic design, very fitting for Old Brompton Road. Many of the ‘Heritage Boy’ furniture pieces such as the ‘Carpentry Pendant Light’ and his ‘Tiles Lamps’ have been used within the interior for Coquine. This was a unique opportunity to design the interior around the pieces, offering the venue new products specifically designed for the space such as the ‘Decanterlight’, a vintage crystal decanter that has been transformed into a pendant light. The basement sports a colour scheme of petrol blue, black and polished gold, giving the space a sumptuous members club feel. Decorative surprises, such as the snug booths - with insides that have been turned into Rococo paintings and the outsides surrounded by over sized picture frames, makes for a rather surreal experience.


Ballantines Ritual


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