Lee Broom
New Bright On Bistro

Bright on Bistro

Part of a limited edition of fifty, the Bright on Bistro is an antique classic bentwood chair, the first of which was rescued from a teahouse in Brighton, England. Every single Bright on Bistro chair is vintage and therefore unique. The curves and flow of this iconic piece have been accentuated and highlighted with delicate neon.


Rough Diamond, 2008

This collection saw the transformation of vintage furniture into Design Art quite literally with lights-on. All pieces are limited edition and identified with a numbered plaque and a letter of authentication.


Dark brown wood, turquoise or white neon.


Width 390mm, Depth 450mm, Height 870mm and 460mm Seat Height; vintage piece, sizes may vary.

Public House, Milan 2012

Club Chair

Electric Louis

High Voltage Vanity


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