Lee Broom
Drumseat 2

Salon Drumseat

The Salon Drumseat combines sumptuous fabric, contrasted and accentuated with modern stud detailing.


Salon, 2011

The collection will consist of six furniture pieces inspired by the curvaceous lines of 1930s upholstery, contrasted with modern stud detailing in either gold or gunmetal. The finished result is a polished, contemporary furniture range that echoes the iconic designs of luxury fashion accessories and punk rock couture.


Feather Grey wool with gold and grey studs
Gunmetal wool with gunmetal and dark grey studs
White leather with white studs
Black leather with black studs (as in above image)

Also available in Customer's Own Material and without studs; please enquire for details.


Width 400mm, Height 480mm

Public House, Milan 2012

Salon Lounge Chair

Salon Footstool

Salon Dining Chair

Salon Two Seater Sofa

Salon Three Seater Sofa


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