Lee Broom
Flower Shop Installation 03

The Flower Shop

To celebrate the launch of Lee Broom’s first collection of vases during The London Design Festival 2015, for one week only his flagship store was transformed in to ‘The Flower Shop’. The ‘Podium’ vases took centre stage in an immersive floral display throughout the store which was completely re-designed for the event.

 Following the success of his award winning Milan show ‘The Department Store’, Lee Broom also presented his new 25 piece collection for the first time in London. Furniture, lighting and accessories were presented in glass display cases and on marble plinths surrounded by a sweeping display of over 4000 fresh flowers inspired by Broom’s collections.

 In the basement of The Flower Shop was The Flower Shop Kitchen where acclaimed food writer Pip McCormac created edible floral treats from his book ‘The Herb & Flower Cookbook’ during the week.

 All the products from the show can be seen in the Products Section of our website and a video of the show can be viewed here.









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